Moby Dick

Moby Dick
MOBY DICK is a high seas cruising catamaran which accommodates guests in 5 double cabins.
She combines excellent sailing performance with safety and comfort, all with the high standards expected on a luxury yacht.
You will discover magnificent moorings and the beautiful sights the West Mediterranean has to offer.
The captain, a native of Corsica the so called 'Beauty Island', will be the perfect guide.
Inforamtions concerning the prices:


High season : 10 pers./ 26 000 € + 20% APA

Low season  : 10 pers./ 22 000 € + 20% APA 


Moby Dick - At anchor
Moby Dick - At anchor
Moby Dick - Sailing
Moby Dick - Double cabin
Moby Dick - Kitchen
Moby Dick - Snorkeling
Moby Dick - Water skiing
Plan d'aménagement: 
Moby Dick - Layout
Longueur en mètres: 
19,80 m
Nom du bateau: 
Moby Dick
Nombre de cabines: 
Nombre maximal de personnes à bord: 
Lundi, Avril 13, 2015
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